Become A Dealer

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in smart blinds and shades, where cutting-edge technology meets vast business opportunities.

Are you eager to dive into the flourishing smart home market and broaden your business scope? SmartWave, a leader in advanced smart blinds and shades, is offering you a golden opportunity to become part of our esteemed network of authorized dealers.

Joining us as a dealer grants you privileged access to our state-of-the-art smart blinds and shades, unlocking new avenues for revenue and delivering unparalleled convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency to your clientele.

Professional Support at Your Disposal

Enhanced Visibility Your store will be prominently listed on our website, boosting foot traffic and drawing in a fresh customer base from our online community.

Exclusive Seasonal Offers We cherish our partnership with you and frequently roll out seasonal promotions to amplify the value you offer to your customers.

Comprehensive Marketing Support Our all-encompassing package includes extensive marketing support, complete with fabric samples and catalogs, to foster your business expansion.

Dedicated Expert Assistance Benefit from our continuous professional training and advice, ensuring you're well-prepared to meet the supreme standards of servicing our motors and shades.

Join the Vanguard of the Future Seize this unparalleled chance to escalate your business and introduce your customers to the forefront of smart home technology. By integrating with the SmartWave dealer network, you're not just expanding your business—you're redefining it.

To embark on this journey, please email us at A SmartWave representative will contact you soon to welcome you into the SmartWave family.