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Slimline design meets supreme low light performance

With its slimmer design and improved performance in low light conditions, the SmartWave Solar Panel provides an energy-effcient upgrade for the entire range of SmartWave Wire-Free Li-ion motors.


Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Plug and play, compatible with all SmartWave lithium-ion motors. Utilizing solar panels to power curtains can significantly reduce dependence on traditional electricity, lower carbon emissions, and benefit the environment.

Installation Location Guide

Sun’s seasonal performance

Installation Method

When selecting a position for the solar panel, consider any external obstructions such as trees, buildings, signs, etc., that may limit the amount of sunlight reaching the solar panel.
Clean the window or surface with an alcohol wipe and allow the surface to dry.
Remove the protective film from the double-sided tape.
Press firmly onto the surface to which you're fixing it.
Apply hand pressure for five seconds and verify that it's firmly attached.
  • Working voltage (Vm): 5.5V

  • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 7V

  • Short-circuit current (lsc): 770mA

  • Power (Pm): 4W

  • Working temperature: -20~65℃

  • Working current (Im): 730mA

  • Conversion effciency 23%

  • Size: 430mm×55mm×12mm

  • International solar energy inspection standards: solar radiation 1000 W/m², 25℃, air quality AM1.5

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