Smart Technology

As a member of the CSA connectivity standards alliance, SmartWave is proud to announce that our smart shades have been fully certified by Matter, ensuring that your SmartWave smart shades can seamlessly integrate into today's leading smart home ecosystems. By adopting the cutting-edge Matter over Thread protocol, our shades can effortlessly integrate with mainstream smart home ecosystems such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. This allows every device to work together in harmony, enhancing your living environment in unprecedented ways.
① Connect at least one Thread border router to the app.
② Connect the SmartWave Shades to the app.

You need to first connect the SmartWave shades to the first app, then share them with the second app. Please ensure that the second app has already been connected to the respective Matter Controller in advance and is functioning properly. For example:

Below are the Matter Controllers supported by each app.

Enhanced Interoperability

Matter aims to improve interoperability of smart home devices, enabling seamless communication with other Matter-compliant devices. SmartWave shades adopting the Matter protocol can more easily integrate and interact with other smart home devices.

Simplified Setup and Control

Matter standards are designed to simplify the setup and control process of smart home devices. Therefore, smart curtains using the Matter protocol may feature more intuitive, user-friendly setup interfaces, allowing users to configure and control the shades more effortlessly.

Wider Ecosystem Support

Matter protocol has garnered support from many leading tech companies and device manufacturers, including Google, Apple, Amazon, SmartThings, etc. Consequently, SmartWave matter shades can more easily integrate with various smart home platforms and ecosystems, providing users with more choices and flexibility.

Improved Security

Matter prioritizes device security and data privacy protection. SmartWave shades adopting the Matter standard benefit from stronger security features and encryption protocols, providing more reliable security safeguards to protect user privacy data from leakage or misuse.

Future Scalability

Matter is an open standard supported by leading smart home device manufacturers. Therefore, smart curtains using the Matter protocol have good future scalability, seamlessly integrating with future releases of more Matter-compliant devices, offering users a richer smart home experience.