Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Measure Windows and Doors?

Please refer to the instructions in our Measuring Guide.

2. Does SmartWave apply deductions to measurements?

  • For inside mount window treatments, SmartWave adjusts the dimensions slightly smaller than specified. This is to ensure a proper fit and functionality within the window opening. The extent of this adjustment varies depending on the product type.
  • For outside mount window treatments, SmartWave follows the provided dimensions exactly, without making any adjustments.

3. How to Order SmartWave Smart blinds and shades?

  • Choose the series of blinds or shades you want.
  • Select the size and other options you desire, and further customize your smart shades according to the guide.
  • You can also contact customer service for assistance with ordering.

4. What is covered by the Warranty?

The warranty period for the motor is five years, and for the fabric and remote control is three years.
For detailed warranty policy, please click here.

5. Can I modify or cancel an order?

    If you contact us immediately after purchase, we can cancel your order and provide a full refund. However, as all orders are custom and typically cannot be resold to other customers, once production starts (usually 4-8 hours after your order), the order cannot be canceled. But you can modify the order, and we will use 60% of the original order's money for the modified order (you will lose 40% of the original order's money).

    6. How many days will it take to receive the customized shades after I place an order?

    We can produce most SmartWave shades within 3 to 7 working days, and then it will take about a week to deliver them to you via express.

    7. I have small children and pets at home, do you take safety into account when providing your products?

    Yes, SmartWave prioritizes the safety of your pets and children when providing our products. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the current voluntary American National Standards Institute (ANSI) child safety standards. We offer a variety of cordless smart window shades that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

    8. Can you ship the product to my country, and how much is the shipping cost?

    Yes. We offer free global shipping regardless of the size of your order,except for extremely remote areas.

    9. Can the remote control and wall switch simultaneously control the same or multiple shades? What are their differences?

    Yes.Although these two devices have similar functions, the wall switch has the advantage of a fixed location, usually installed near the door, beside the window, or by the bed, which is convenient to access and avoids the hassle of searching for the remote control. The advantage of the remote control, on the other hand, lies in its portability, allowing it to be operated anytime and anywhere. Using both in combination can provide more flexibility and convenience.

    10. What is the difference between remote controls and wall switches with various channel numbers?

    A 1-channel remote control or wall switch can control one shade, a 2-channel remote control or wall switch can control two shades, a 6-channel remote control or wall switch can control up to six shades, and a 15-channel remote control can control up to fifteen shades.

    The 6-channel and 15-channel remote controls or wall switches also support one-button group control functionality, allowing for simultaneous control of all the shades connected to that remote control or wall switch.