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70% Blackout Fabric - Wilderness

This fabric showcases a soft, handwoven texture, offering a unique tactile experience that enhances the elegance and allure of your home decor. Its light-filtering qualities provide privacy while still permitting ambient light to permeate, creating a cozy atmosphere. This fabric is a perfect selection for those who appreciate a natural aesthetic and desire a comfortable and stylish living environment.

70% Blackout Fabric - Linen

The fabric contains linen, known for its soft, natural texture that is particularly gentle for children or those with sensitivities. This light-filtering fabric casts a soft, appealing glow in spaces such as living rooms and home offices, while naturally shielding interiors from harsh sunlight.

70% Blackout Fabric - Essence

This fabric features an exquisite linen jacquard texture, offering a luxurious feel and visual appeal. Its weaving technique produces remarkable color depth and unique variations, allowing these curtains to blend seamlessly into any room and style. Ideal for both home decor and commercial spaces, they provide a sophisticated and artisanal curtain experience.

70% Blackout Fabric - Iguazu

This fabric features a carefully designed jacquard pattern that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its light-filtering material effectively softens incoming light, preventing harsh sunlight from directly hitting interiors, while also protecting indoor furnishings from harmful rays.

80% Blackout Fabric - Harbor

This fabric is crafted in neutral tones with a delicate and elegant linen pattern, bringing a natural and harmonious aesthetic to interiors. It offers privacy protection while allowing some light to enter the room, balancing functionality and style.

80% Blackout Fabric - Flex

This fabric features a simple and elegant solid color, with a soft and smooth texture that is comfortable to touch, adding a clean and minimalist aesthetic to any indoor space. It effectively reduces glare while allowing a moderate amount of natural light to filter through, preventing harsh direct sunlight.

5% Openness Fabric - Aventus

A 5% openness factor in this fabric ideally balances privacy with natural light, making it suitable for various living and working environments and providing comfortable light filtration. It blocks UV rays and maintains your outdoor views during the day, but does not offer privacy at night.

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