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100% Blackout Fabric - Wilderness

The fabric features a refined wood weave texture that adds a natural and elegant touch to your space. Its special weaving technique not only offers unique visual appeal but also creates a noticeable textured feel, enhancing tactile experience. With a thick design and advanced coating process, the fabric optimizes heat and light control, effectively balancing indoor temperature for increased comfort. It's a practical and attractive choice for shades in both homes and offices.

100% Blackout Fabric - Iguazu

The fabric features a meticulously designed jacquard pattern, where the precise interlocking of warp and weft threads gives it exceptional texture and visual depth, showcasing unmatched refinement and elegance. It includes a 100% blackout lining, offering excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving benefits while also ensuring privacy and blocking UV rays. This makes it an ideal choice that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

100% Blackout Fabric - Vitality

The fabric's unique weaving texture is simple yet elegant, exuding a subtle sense of luxury. It not only provides complete privacy but also boasts excellent energy-saving properties, effectively reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the fabric is fade-resistant and durable, making it suitable for various home and business settings. It is an ideal choice that combines beauty and practicality.

100% Blackout Fabric - Essence

Crafted with exquisite linen jacquard textures, its tactile design and soft hues blend perfectly, embodying a minimalist yet elegant style ideal for high-end interiors. The fabric's premium blackout and thermal properties effectively block direct sunlight, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature and enhancing energy efficiency.

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